Rafael Reyes Rodríguez

Rafael Reyes Rodríguez, in the end second half of the XIX Century, around 1860, started producing “ANISETTE MACHAQUITO” as a particular, and sixteen years later, officially. He moved from employee to artisan liquor producer. His success was possible thanks to his amazing worth, his determination and the time he lived in.

A curious anecdote tells that when he was already famous in Rute and neighbouring towns, he began his regional conquest. As he reached Linares (Jaén), when the town was at the height of the mining industry, he started to sing songs from Granada , meanwhile he unloaded his mule in the courtyard of the inn. One of the waiters was listening, and he run to the City Council to tell to the Mayor that in the inn, there was a mule driver that was singing divinely. The waiter, the Mayer and some councillors rushed to the inn, just in time to listen, in secret, the flamenco recital. Te Mayer asked him to sing during a festival taking place this night; he apologized explaining that he was there to sell his liquor, to do business, not to sing as he was not a singer, unfortunately. “Your liquor is already sold, so, please come and stay with us a while”. And, in effect, the Mayor distributed the skins containing the liquor to some bar owners. The founder of Machaquito sang for them; a close friendship sprang up between them so as to be godfather of their children. The skins multiplied to thousand ones and Linares was entirely conquered thanks to a typical song divinely interpreted, the humility of a modest worker, reliable and responsible, and the excellent quality of the liquors for those with a discerning palate.

The skins containing liquors left as demijohns appears, and, at the same time nearly, the labelled bottle arrived, with an attractive packaging enhancing the commercial names.

Rafael González Madrid (Machaquito)

During the dawn of XX Century, “Machaquito” was the best rapier of every time; and, undoubtedly, a great bullfighter. My grand father, Rafael Reyes Rodriguez, asked him the permission to use his artistic name to designate the liquor he produced.

This is the birth of the brand “Machaquito”, since 1892, which would take the place of the other brands of the company (“Venus”, “New Spain”,...).

Our everlasting slogan is the quality. In every village, in every town, we look for and employ the most reliable sales representatives. In those days, everything depended on the personal work as there were no diffusion means. The liquor was called anisette liquor, to be finally called ANIS as we know it today.

The railway extended the frontiers; the car and some small trucks of 1000 kilos excluded definitely the donkey, the mule and the cart. My grand-father made a society with his sons: “Rafael Reyes e Hijos”; formed by a politician, whose idea, emulated the grand father’s song in Linares.

Rafael Reyes Jiménez

This episode took place in Malaga: in the factory, there was a convertible car, Hudson brand, black, impressive; with his band, as he was also a Musician, they drove playing the liveliest and most popular songs and distributing small bottles of liquor Machaquito in every passable street in Malaga. All Malaga’s people were pleasantly surprised and … they became fans of Machaquito.

My father Rafael Reyes Jiménez and my uncle the Musician, Diego, remained as the unique owners. In those days, there were between eight to ten salesmen who visited and developed the sales personally, with agents and customers.

During the difficult time after the war, Dry Machaquito was not produced when raw material was not of the best quality. In the market, there was never any Dry Anisette Machaquito “less good” than usual.

Manuel Reyes Roldán

In 1945, my father frees himself to his partner and remains the unique owner. To the denomination “Hijos de Rafael Reyes”, he took off the plural and left “Hijo de Rafael Reyes”.

After his death, on 13th of January 1965, his sons: Antonio, Mª Dolores, Rafael, Manuel, José Mª and Jesús Reyes Roldán, inherited and run the company. They adapt to the new days and the inheritance transforms in a society; “Hijo de Rafael Reyes, S.A.” is created and keeps the name of my Grandfather: Rafael Reyes.

In the present Century and after several fusions, the shareholders of the society become unipersonal and I, Manuel Reyes Roldán, third generation after the founder, my Grandfather, am now responsible of the future of the company.