The Company

In 1860, begins the activity of the company known today as Hijo de Rafael Reyes SAU, producer of liquors in the town of Rute, province of Cordoba.

This company is composed of a selected group of people from Rute, mainly heirs of the owners of the company during the first years of its foundation, together with the third and fourth generation of the founder Rafael Reyes Rodríguez.

The star product is the Dry Anisette Machaquito. The company produces as well sweet anisette, fruit liquors, coffee liquors and cherry liquor.

The distillation in copper stills, using olive trees or holm oak wood as a combustible, is still been used for the making of our products. Now, for the rest of production process, the newest technologies and the more efficient resources are employed.

Today, the company projects itself with the best and more efficient ressources, tecnically as well as humanly, to unable the best positioning of its products.