Dry Anisette

Anisette is a liquor made from matalahúga or matalahúva; it is a small seed coming from a medium- size tree that used to be wild. Due to the demand, the seeds are now cultivated as a special product in agriculture.

Natural product obtained from the double distillation, very slow, of alcohol, demineralised and decalcified water, sugar, matalahúga aniseed and … a special ingredient. It is obtained in copper stills in a totally artisanal way, using olive tress or holm oak wood as a combustible. Colourless, genuine and with intense flavour to “matalahúga” aniseed.

It has wonderful proprieties: it stimulates the appetite, it is digestive – Taste it before eating or after an abundant meal – and, it is diuretic. You can drink it straight in a small glass, fresh or at room temperature; or in a large glass blended with very cold water, ice and little sugar to taste – it is the popular “palomita” – and, always in small quantities. Some drops in the coffee, infusion, ice cream and cakes will be pleasantly surprising.

100, 70, 50 cl. and miniatures
55% Vol.